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The table below represents the minimum score that must be met in a U.S. Kids Golf Local Tour, State, Regional, International, Teen World, or World Championship in order to receive any level of Priority Status to play in a U.S. Kids Golf Major Championship. It is also used for determining whether siblings are invited to play. Tournament rounds that are shortened due to weather, darkeness or other circumstances will not count towards the scoring requirement.

Age Group 9 Holes 18 Holes
Boys 15-18 n/a 82
Boys 11, Boys 12, Boys 13, Boys 14 n/a 84
Boys 9, Boys 10 44 88
Boys 7, Boys 8 46  
Boys 6 & Under 48  
Girls 15-18 n/a 86
Girls 11, Girls 12, Girls 13, Girls 14 44 88
Girls 9, Girls 10 46 92
Girls 7 & Under, Girls 8 48  

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The perfect way to introduce tournament golf to your child. Scaled courses and individual age groups make it fun to play and meet new friends.


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